The BEGA Group has concluded a new cooperation agreement with the Black Red White S.A. company.

With 8,500 employees and the turnover rate of PLN 1.7 billion (approx. 415 million euros), Black Red White S.A. is one of the largest Polish furniture manufacturers. Having 13 furniture stores and almost 700 points of sales makes it also one of the biggest furniture retailers in Poland.
The BEGA Group, composed of 12 individual companies, generated a turnover of 455 million euros last year. With a purchasing volume of more than 270 million euros, the BEGA Group is the largest distributor of Polish furniture in Western Europe. In 2019, the BEGA Group purchased furniture worth over 70 million euros from the Black Red White Group.

Both companies have been working together for 12 years on the basis of a cooperation agreement. Pursuant to the agreement, the BEGA Group has exclusive marketing rights for the products of Black Red White S.A. in Western Europe. The BEGA Group is the largest export customer of Black Red White S.A.

The existing cooperation agreement expires this year. On 29.01.2020, the partners signed a new one, which extends the current arrangements by 5 years.

Attachment: in the photo from the left Krzysztof Szlaga (Vice-President of BRW S.A.), Dariusz Formela (CEO of BRW S.A.), Dieter Hilpert (Owner of the BEGA Group), Thorsten Hilpert (Owner of the BEGA Group), Rüdiger Schliekmann (General Agent of the BEGA Group)